Squares! (video nail art tutorial!)

So, welcome to my blog!

I really hope you are having a great day! Today we will do another nail art tutorial ! If you follow me on Instagram (which you should 😀 ), then you already know that I am participating in this month’s nail art challenge called #clairestelle8june! It’s all over the IG, so if you are into nail art, then you deff know what I’m talking about! As I have already said, I’m one of the participants and that means that I will be doing themed nail art designs for the entire month! Pretty challenging, isn’t it? If you wanna know my schedule, go check out my Instagram page and you will know 🙂

First theme in this hugeeee challenge was named SQUARES! It’s very interesting and fun for me to create geometrical designs (they are my FAV!!!) so I did it with huge pleasure! 🙂 I decided to use one of my go to combinations: mint and dark gray! The best part of this manicure is the fact that gray polish I’ve used was kinda between silver and gray and it had amazing texture! Both, mint and gray, are made by Essence, and if you take a look at my video you will see all the details! It’s kinda pointless to explain you the whole tutorial, so better check out my new video! Also, I would have to say that few nail art featuring accounts on Instagram posted my work in their gallery and I was so happy about it! It’s my first feature and I was super excited!


Hope you will like this manicure and if you decide to recreate it make sure to tag me or use #nailartmuse! I would be very happy to see your works and know that my designs inspire you to make beautiful nail art!

Enjoy watching photos and my video tutorial! Follow me on IG and subscribe to my channel!






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