Nail art designs

Colours I wouldn’t usually wear???

Hello everyone,

Here I am, presenting you my new nail art tutorial called „Colours I don’t usually wear“! As you can already see by its title, this manicure combines colours I would never actually put together. I decided to use a little bit of everything: blue, yellow, red, gray and black! It’s very unique, kinda abstract design where those colours overlap and create one beautiful pattern!

My idea was to draw just the top of each nail and make some interesting shapes, similar to leaves. After doing that I absolutely had to give my manicure some dimension, therefore I used my good old nail art brush and picked up a little bit of black nail polish and outlined the whole pattern. That wasn’t enough for me, so I added few black dots along the black lines.


My design was featured on some of the most popular nail art accounts on Instagram!


I like my final result so much! I could never think that these colours can make such a good and cute combination! Products that I’ve used will be listed below. Hope you will enjoy this manicure and be sure to subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram – nailartmuse!




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