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Born Pretty Store Collaboration!

Hey again!

This post has nothing to do with nail art tutorials, yet it’s very important! Recently Born Pretty Store PR department has contacted me via e-mail and has offered me collaboration! I was pretty excited considering that I’ve started my blog and YT channel this year, therefore this is actually my first collab!

I’m sure many of you have heard about this huge company, but if you haven’t, you should know that Born Pretty Store is company specialized in all kinds of latest nail art, jewelry and makeup items. They offer products in high quality but cheap price, which is perfect for everyone who is interested in makeup or nail art!

By the end of the next month, I will receive a package from this company and I will be able to test and try items I choosed for myself. I’m really looking forward to see how they are and tell you everything you should know if you decide to order items from their site. Down below I will list products I choosed, so you can actually see what stuff I’m going to talk about in my big Born Pretty Store review!

However, if you decide to try these products right now, please make sure to use my coupon code – ZORW10 !!! That’s how you will get 10% off on original price items! Pretty amazing, isn’t it? If this code can be used for 5 times, there will be a big giveaway on my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel! I’m close to 500 followers, so that would be a nice way to celebrate!

If you wanna know more about this company or how you can order and use 10% off code, please contact me via e-mail or just simply add a comment here or on my Instagram. I would be glad if I can help you! Thanks so much for reading and supporting me, this is a huge thing for me and I will keep doing my nails as best as I can, because this is the most amazing hobby that girl could ever have!

Items: (ID=27413) (ID=27295) (ID=27412) (ID=27380) #259 (ID=27350) #13 (ID=26079) #77




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