Unicorn nails! (video tutorial)

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to my blog!
Today I will show you how to create this super cute and adorable manicure inspired by magical beings – UNICORNS!



I’m super excited to show you this design because I’ve never done anything similar and I was kinda afraid how everything will turn out! I absolutely had no idea how to draw unicorn. I’ve just turned on my camera and tried to film it. Maybe someone will say this is not the best unicorn nail art, but I like it so much and I’m very proud to say that this was actually my first try! Also, I like freehand nail art and I don’t tend to use lots of stickers and stencils. If you try to google „unicorn nail art“, you will probably see a bunch of different manicures done with stickers. I don’t say that stickers are bad, just I prefer freehand nail art because it shows the real talent. Therefore, I decided to draw unicorn myself without using anything. My nail beds are pretty thin, so I didn’t actually have enough space to draw full unicorn. I decided to draw just his head and use my pointing finger as a horn! 😀 Pretty cleaver someone would say! I know that most of the nail artists make some super sparkly and glittery unicorns, but I wanted make it simple. Colours that I choosed were pink, black and silver which gave some kind of magic to my whole design. The rest of my nails I painted with 2 thin coats of black and created silver french tips! That was very easy to do!
I really hope that you will take a look on my tutorial and that you will try to recreate it! Please, make sure to subscribe to my channel and never miss a new tutorial! Last, but not least, I want to remind you that I’m doing a collab with Born Pretty Store, so you can use my 10% off code if you decide to order some of their items! The coupon code is: ZORW10!

Thank you and see you in next post!



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