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Born Pretty Store review!


Hello everyone!

I’m back after few days!

I really hope that you’ve seen my latest update about Born Pretty Store collaboration. If you have, this post will be even better and if you have not, please click HERE and check out my first impression about their items + unboxing video + get the links where you can purchase everything!

Almost a week after I’ve received BPS parcel I tried almost everything I got and I’m ready to tell you my opinion!

You already know that this collaboration is my first one as a blogger, therefore I’m very excited to write a good review! I’ve heard about Born Pretty Store company the same moment I started my Instagram account. Seeing so many beautiful stencils and plates made me fall for nail art even more! When I was contacted by their PR department I was very thrilled knowing that I will be able to test out their products! They asked me to choose few items, which honestly was very hard to do! Finally, I decided to take 5 nail stencils/stickers sheets and 1 bottle of well known liquid latex.

That magic thing called liquid latex was all over the internet, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it in Serbia. This product is definitely my favorite out of all 6, so I will start my review by telling you few words about it. First of all, liquid latex is often used for special effects makeup and body painting applications. Since last year, latex has become a huge nail art trend used as the best nail polish cleanup product. We all know how messy nail art can get and how much nail polish remover and time we need to make everything neat and perfect. Well, latex is a big life saver in that case!

Born Pretty Store latex comes in 2 shades (it’s absolutely irrelevant which one you will choose), pink and blue and it looks like ordinary nail polish. Packaging is very simple and contains 6 ml of product. In my opinion that is enough, but I should definitely mention that I don’t use it every time I do my nails, since I don’t always need to cleanup. I find it very useful when it comes to ombre nail art or water marble design. However, if you make a lot of mess while painting your nails, maybe you will need more than just 1 bottle.

How to apply liquid latex?

Liquid latex is actually very easy to apply. Before you start doing your manicure, apply it around your nails and wait for 5 minutes until it’s fully dried. Once when it has dried completely you can start painting nails. Latex will stick to your nails and after you finish with your design you can simply peel it off. But beware! Before you start using it, make sure that you are not allergic to any kind of latex and avoid arias with hair!

Born Pretty Store liquid latex is the first brand I tried, therefore I don’t exactly know how the other ones work. But I don’t even have to, ’cause I’m more than satisfied with this one. It works very well, has a thick brush (like any normal nail polish) and it can be applied very quickly. On the other side, I have to say that I don’t like its smell at all, but at least it’s not as intensive as I imagined it will be when I first time smelled it. One thin coat of this liquid latex will be enough, which is a great thing because you don’t have to waste a lot of product.

If I had to rate this little „nail art helper“, I would give it a 10! Especially considering the fact that for such a cheap price you get a very good product.

Now lets talk about these gorgeous nail art stencils. If you’ve ever used any kind of patterns or stencils for nails you probably know how it works. You have to gently peel off the stencil from the plate and place it on your nail. Use simple nail polish brush or even makeup sponge to apply colour and let it sit for like few minutes. After that, remove your stencil and add a top coat to seal your design. Easy as that! However, I have to say that you should be very careful with these sheets and make sure to stick them very well onto your nail bed. Only like that you can archive wanted look.

Feather nail water decals are even better, because they transfer on your nails so basically you don’t need any nail art skills whatsoever, which is a great thing for all of you beginners out there.

Last but not least, I wanna talk about my red holo shell paper, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to use. According to item description on Born Pretty Store website, these papers are suitable for UV gel and acrylic nails. I actually didn’t know this, cause if I did I probably wouldn’t order it, but now, when „damage“ is already done, I will try to use it anyway. You are supposed to cut this sheet into small pieces and place it on your nail bed after applying base coat or nail polish. I have to say that the sheet is pretty thick, so I’m not sure how this is going to work without gel polish and UV/LED lamp curing. I will do my best to make it possible and create a fun red holo manicure.


Finally, all I can say to conclude this whole story is that I really liked Born Pretty Store products because they make nail art much easier! You can play with different patterns, colours and shapes in order to make your nails super cute and girly! If you are interested in items I ordered for myself, please follow this link and see how you can get yours! Don’t forget to use my coupon code: ZORW10 and get a 10% off on original price!

Thank you so much for reading this review and visiting my blog! Soon I will post some really creative nail art designs where I will be showing you few ways to use these cool items, so stay tuned!




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