Dry Brush technique!

Hello guys!

Today I wanna talk about this new technique in nail art world called DRY BRUSH technique! It’s something very cute and very simple for everyone who is new in this or for those days when you just wanna do some quick manicure without much trouble.

First, check out my tutorial:


How does this technique works? 

Well, as you can already tell by its name, for this technique you will need an almost dry nail art brush! Yes, before you start applying colours to your nails, make sure that you swipe off any excess polish. You want you brush to be almost dry so you can create some cute pattern. As a base I suggest you to use any bright colour, but in my opinion white works the best. You can create a black and white mani, neon or pastel combination, as I did here, but you can also use just one colour and make cute pattern on your nails. Just use dry nail polish brush and start painting your nails as you would normally do with thick coat of nail polish. This technique is also good for making ombre or graffiti nail art, because it helps you to blend colours evenly.

After you are done with your manicure, you can apply glossy top coat, but I would highly recommend to use matte one instead. That kind of top coat will create some beautiful effect on your nails and they will look like cartoon nails.

In my design I decided to include those 4 thin black lines and add some tribal vibes, which is a great choice for hot summer days!


I really hope that you will like this one as much as others did on Instagram. Make sure to follow me there and subscribe to my YouTube channel in order to see more easy nail art tutorials!




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