Nail art designs

My nail art hero!

Hey guys!

Today’s post it’s going to be very interesting because I will be talking about my nail art heroes! Yes, I want to reveal you the secret by letting you know who inspired me to make nail art designs and after all to start my own blog and YouTube channel.

Everything started back in 2013 when I first saw her videos. She was a very cute blond girl and I really liked her personality. I’ve always liked to experiment with my nails using different colours, but I never tried to actually draw a pattern on my nail bed. When I saw her designs and how easy she makes them, I wanted to try and recreate one of those. The thing I liked the most about her manicures is that they are very simple, yet very beautiful. She doesn’t use acrylics or a bunch of stamping plates, no! Just a few bottles of nail polish and imagination. That’s all it takes to make a great nail art. And if you go through my designs, you will notice that I do the same. For me, more is less, always keep that in mind. I love natural nails and cute, girly, freehand manicures that show my true love for nail art.

Now I think it’s time to reveal my hero’s name. She is Jenny Claire Fox, better known as Miss Jen Fabulous. If you visit her channel you will see a lot of great works, gorgeous manicures and lots of makeup and style videos. Hope that in future young girls will say the same kind words about me because I think that being inspiration for someone to follow their dreams is the best feeling in the world.

That’s why today I’m actually recreating one of her latest designs. I really hope that you will like this one and if you do, click here to watch Jen’s tutorial! Thank you so much for reading and supporting me!






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