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Tribal neon nails!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! 🙂

You know that summer is time when we all like to get a little bit crazy and wear all those neon bright colours! Well, that’s exactly why I made this cute summer manicure 🙂

My first idea was to make a colorful design and then I realized how much I like tribal prints on nails in summertime. Therefore, I decided to combine these two and create some super vibrant and intensive nail art inspired by zigzag pattern and dotticure. Minty green, peachy orange and violet were my first choice and I’m really satisfied how these turned out 🙂 Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t use just a little bit of black nail polish to make everything pop. I really like to outline all of my designs and give them some dimension by adding black.


Now you must be wondering how to recreate this manicure? Actually, it’s very easy, like most of my nail art 🙂 You will need 3 colours of your choice, a black nail polish and a thin nail art brush. Start by painting your nails peachy orange (as I did) and after that keep applying layers of other 2 colours creating thick horizontal lines. You don’t really need any nail stencil for this step, but if you would like to get some clean lines I suggest using tape. Now that you made a colourful base for tribal design you can pick up some black polish with your brush and start drawing horizontal zigzag pattern right in the middle of your nail (in my case, across minty green line). Use the same brush, or dotting tool, and pop 3 dots above and under your zigzag pattern. Apply a generous amount of your favorite top coat and seal your design 🙂 Voila! Now you are ready for hot summer days!


I really hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog post! Please make sure to follow me on Instagram, cause there you can find out what’s next manicure on my list 😉 Also, I would appreciate if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out my easy nail art tutorials! That would be everything for today & I’ll see you very, very soon 🙂 Take care 🙂





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