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Aura’s Pinkish Plum (swatch and impressions)

Hello guys! Long time no see!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted many nail art designs lately, but I just don’t have enough time! Right now I’m on my vacation and all I can do for you is test out some new polishes I’ve got and tell you my impressions. 🙂

For today I decided to talk about my new Aura nail polish in shade 207, Pinskih Plum. Aura is Serbian cosmetic company with tons of great and, above all, very affordable products. This nail polish is very unique, warm and I absolutely love its colour. I would say it’s probably the one of my go to colours for this fall and costs only 3$.



As you can see, the formula is very interesting, somewhere between purple, pink and red, which is amazing. I know most of you girls choose exactly this kind of polishes for fall because they perfectly match our fall makeup looks! If you look closely at the bottle, you will see that this nail polish is supposed to last up to 7 days! I have to admit that I’m very skeptic every very time I read something like this, because nail polishes simply never last that long, even with help of a great top coat! Therefore, I was impatient to test this one and tell if that’s really true. I wore this nail polish straight 7 days and I can tell you that it’s amazing! Only one of my nails chipped and that was it! The rest were perfectly painted! Aura made a great job with this product and I would recommend it to every one!


The polish itself comes in a 10.5 ml bottle, which is great and enough if you ask me! It’s very pigmented, shiny and doesn’t leave stains on your nails! Can’t wait to try more of these cute babies and wear them all fall!

I really hope that you liked this post and review! If you did, please comment and tell me what would you like to see next on my blog! Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram where I reached 700 followers and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my upcoming nail art tutorials! Have a nice day!




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