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Crystal glass nail file by GERmanikure! First impressions!

Welcome back to my blog!

I’m very excited to present you today my first CRYSTAL GLASS NAIL FILE! How awesome is that? Today we are going to talk about this nail product, you will find out what is glass file, how to use it and where you can buy it!

Last month I was contacted by GERmanicure, a family owned German company which offers the finest quality manicure products on the market! They asked me to choose one of their nail files made by Czech glass and test it out in order to give you my impressions. Of course, I accepted and shortly after that I’ve received a small package with my very first red glass file! Every file you order from GERmanicure comes in a leather case and with one inspirational and motivational quote. I chose “WAKE UP AND BE AWESOME” to be written on mine! Now, let’s see why exactly I recommend this file.

ger 3


Crystal glass nail files are the best nail products out there. Unlike other cheaper versions, these files allow you to file nails in both directions without damaging your nail bed. They have a different texture and while other ones may scrape very fast, these files are chemically etched directly into 3 mm thick Bohemian glass, impossible to wear off. This actually means that your glass nail file will serve you forever!  

Glass itself has natural antibacterial qualities, cleans up easily with soap and water and is very durable, which means that your nail file won’t break down easily!

ger 5ger 4

How to use GLASS NAIL FILE? 

You can use these nail files wet or dry, in both directions, reducing in a same time risk of cracking. Don’t sand your nails, seal them!

Leather case

All of crystal glass nail files come with a custom fitted leather sleeve to provide additional protection. The case will prevent damage to the file when it is not in use as well as additional shock absorption in case the file is accidentally dropped when not in use.

germanikureger 6

What do I think about this NAIL FILE? 

I’ve been using this crystal glass nail file for almost a week now. I’m really satisfied with it because my nails now look stronger! I certainly need more time after I can give my final word and make sure that this file prevents my nails from breaking.

On the other side, its texture is great because It’s not very hard or very soft for my nails and gives them a nice, smooth edges. I’ve used different types of nail files and none of them was good enough to make my nails look well shaped. With this glass file I don’t notice that problem.

I also like the fact that these files are very durable, they will last you a lifetime! All you have to do after every usage is to wash them and they are ready to go! However, I have to warn you to be careful when you buy this kind of products! On market you can find different cheaper versions of fake glass nail files (without holographic sign), therefore I recommend you to order yours from this  verified site You can choose between few colours and bunch of different inspirational quotes! The price is not very high, only 12.95$, on sale 11.01$! Just think that for that money you get to have a nail file that will last you a lifetime!

I really hope you liked this review! Make sure to comment and tell me your experiences with this product, did you like it or are you planning to get one! I would also be glad to answer all of your nail file related questions.

It was a pleasure to collab with this amazing company and I really expect to team up with them again in the future! Make sure to follow me Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you next time! 🙂




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