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Happy Pastel Green!

Hello guys!

I know it’s been a while since a made a new blog post, but I was on longer vacation! Now I’m finally here and first thing I wanna do is to talk about this gorgeous pastel green metallic nail polish!

pastel green 9

Few weeks ago I was going through my old nail polish rack and I found this little guy! It’s Sephora’s nail polish called Happy Pastel Green! I’m not even sure if this one could be purchased anymore, but still I think it’s worth talking about!

If you are into nail art and polishes, by now you already know that metallic has become a huge trend in nail art world! Metallic powders were all over the internet in past few months and to be honest, those manicures look AMAZING! The only bad thing is that you definitely need UV lamp and gel polishes to recreate any mirrored design. That means you can do it yourself, in the comfort of your home, if you have necessary tools. However, if you don’t, then you might wanna check out all those gorgeous holographic and metallic shades. Personally I’ve loved those polishes since ever (click here if you want to see my small metallic nail art gallery I made in past few months), but now i surely think metallic manicures are MUST, not only during summer! They would look absolutely amazing in fall or even winter time!

pastel green 3pastel green 4pastel green 8


Therefore, if you don’t have UV lamp or you just don’t like gel polishes in general, you can find a bunch of great metallic, colorful polishes, that look as beautiful as the original mirrored nails! Sephora’s Happy Pastel Green is just one of them, so I will suggest you some of my favorites:

  1. Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer, nr. 37
  2. OPI Europe 5708 JW
  3. Medusa nail polish, nr. 60
  4. Essie, Penny Talk
  5. Revlon, Gold Chain


I hope that you liked this post and photos! See you very soon with new nail art design!




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