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Minnie Mouse + Lace nail art! (video coming soon)

Hello everyone!

Today I’m presenting you one of the sweetest nail art designs I’ve ever made – Minnie Mouse nails! You have probably already seen a bunch of similar designs, but I wanted to make this one unique by drawing some lace.


When my video comes up on YouTube you will be able to see how exactly I created the whole manicure. For now, I’ll just tell you that you can draw Minnie on your nails very easily! What you will need is a good black nail polish and a thin nail art brush.

Start by painting your nails white. If you have some nail art skills, then you can probably simply draw her head and ears, but in case you don’t, I suggest you to use big dotting tool for the ears. If you by any chance don’t have a dotting tool, you can always try making 2 big circles using just a simple pencil. Now that you created ears, simply take 2 curve lines down to your cuticles and fill it in. Your Minnie Mouse head is ready! Of course, you could draw her entire face, but I thought it would be cuter just to add one small bow. To draw a bow start by making an X between her ears. Connect the ends and fill it in with hot pink nail polish. Ta-da! Minnie Mouse is done!


To decorate the rest of my nails I drew some lace and on ring finger I added another small pink bow with just a few black dots around. Don’t forget to apply your favorite top coat and now you have some cute and girly manicure! šŸ™‚


Hope you will like this design! If you do, please let me know in the comments! As I said, soon my tutorial will be uploaded on YouTube, therefore don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! See you soon!




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