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Convert your mani! (+ BPS coupon code)

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

We all know how boring one coloured manicures can be, especially once when they start chipping! No matter which top coat you use, after few days every nail polish eventually starts to chip and that is very annoying! Therefore, I figured out how we can keep our base nail polish and turn it into a beautiful new mani!

In my latest post I presented you one of my favorite fall shades – Deborah Milano, Afterhours 49. I wore that nail polish on my nails almost 6 days when it started chipping. Knowing how much I like that colour, I couldn’t just remove it or paint my nails all over again, so I chose to touch up only “critical arias”. How I managed to do that? Simply! Ring finger got covered with generous amount of those amazing golden glitters by Essence – I love my golden pumps, while on middle one I decided to use water decals from Born Pretty Store and mask all chipped parts.The final result was great! My 6 days old manicure now seemed bran new!


If you are one of those girls who hates when manicure goes off, don’t hesitate and try to make it even better! If you would like to buy any nail art supplies from Born Pretty Store, please make sure to use my coupon code: ZORW10 and get a 10% off price! I really hope that you liked this new mani I came up with, but that’s not it for today! Get ready to see my first 3 designs for this year’s Halloween party! Stay tuned!




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