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Metallic blue!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I’m sorry I couldn’t post this earlier, but I was sick and after that I also had some other things to do. But anyway, now we are here and I can promise you that in next few days you will read 2 more awesome posts and one of them is my nail care routine! I’m really looking forward to share that “secret” with you!

But for now, let’s just stick to our new FALL FAVORITE nail polish by Malena Cosmetics, France! When I posted a photo of me wearing this manicure on Instagram few days ago, a lot of people liked it as much as I did! I wore it 7 days straight and just couldn’t get enough of it! Therefore, here I am today, giving you recommendation for another season favorite nail polish. However, if you can’t purchase Malena Cosmetics products in your country (this happens to be a very affordable drugstore brand in Serbia), you can definitely try almost identical shade from THE METALS collection by Essence. Personally, I chose this one over Essence because the price was much more cheaper (about 1$ comparing to 3$ in case of Essence). Bottom line, shades are very similar, almost the same, so you can find your perfect blue metallic nail polish somewhere for sure!



As always, I have nothing new to say about Malena Cosmetics. Their nail polishes are perfect in that price range and I really like to buy them all the time. This particularly colour is in number 11. It’s very nice, creamy, 100% shiny and metallic, pigmented formula that compliments every skin tone. Comes in a 12 ml bottle, which is surprisingly a lot, again comparing to its price. The only down side of this shade would be small bubbles that popped up after I applied a second coat. Even the top coat couldn’t smooth them out, which you can see on photos, since I wanted to make them as realistic as I could. Fortunately, those kind of things don’t bother me much, so I kept using my perfect blue metallic nail polish! šŸ™‚


I sincerely hope you liked this review. Enjoy watching my photos & I’ll see you very soon! Thanks for visiting!





2 thoughts on “Metallic blue!

  1. Beautiful polish. As for the bubbles I have them with nearly every polish unless I bang a quick-dry topcoat on top as soon as I’m finished with the 2nd coat. It must be my nails because I use the same polishes on friends with no bubbles forming… weird

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