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My nail care routine!

Hello everyone! Welcome back my nail blog!

Today’s post is going to be something different, something I’ve never done before – a NAIL CARE ROUTINE! I’m so happy that finally I will be able to share with you my little “secrets” and show you how I care my nails!

First of all, if you wanna have a nice manicure, you can’t just work on your nails, but hands as well! That’s why I always use moisturizing hand cream, especially in this time of the year when our hands are exposed to cold, winter, rain. The one I’m currently using is Tesori D’Oriente. It’s a nice textured, protective cream and it smells absolutely great! Also, it’s not expensive at all, so I recommend it!


Next thing you probably wanna know is how I file my nails. If you haven’t read my post about AMAZING Germanikure crystal glass nail files, please click here!ย All I can say that this file literally changed my life and made my nails stronger and better looking! ๐Ÿ™‚

What I hate the most is the fact that I always have to take extra care of my cuticles! I find it very ugly and I’d do anything to make them go away. I’ve heard about 100 different ways to remove them, but the thing I like to use on my nail beds to prevent them is this cute little protecting balm by Oriflame cosmetics. This tender care protecting balm contains beeswax to soften skin and it’s multipurpose – you can use it on your lips, knees, elbows, heels, cuticles, basically anywhere you want to smooth your skin! The one I own doesn’t have any sent, but if you want, you can definitely choose some nice smell for yourself.


The last thing I’d like to share with you is my favorite fast drying top coat! I usually alternate them very often, but the brand I use most of the times is Essence. Currently I have this 2 in 1 base & top coat and I’m kinda satisfied with it, although I think it’s being little sticky once when you get through half bottle.


And that’s basically it! If you would like to know how I prevent my nails from becoming yellow, please write down in comments and I will be happy to share my secrets with you! Hope that you liked this post & I’ll see you very soon with some winter/ festive designs for holiday season!







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