Nail art designs

Winter trees!

And I’m back! 😀

Today I have 2 news for you. First one: I have short nails now! :O Yes, yes, you read it well! Unfortunately, I broke 4 of my nails and I just had to cut them all because it was really ugly and sad to look at them 😦 :/ But this won’t stop me from sharing my ideas for nail art and spread creativity! That’s why I came up with this winter manicure as soon as I made my nails short and rocked it pretty well!

This time I found my inspiration in good old monochrome look. For my base color I used this gorgeous pearly nail polish by Golden Rose, which is perfect for winter and holiday designs. After that, I start drawing small Christmas trees on each of my nails. While I was doing this I really tried to make everything perfect and neat so you can actually see every thin stroke I made. To complete my winter landscape I added few white polka dots to imitate snowflakes. And that’s it! Easy, yet very cute and in holiday spirit 🙂


Hope that you like my new nail lent and this nail art design! 🙂






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