Product reviews

Dark colors of winter


Once again I will be talking about one of my latest favorite nail polishes and I’ll be showing you some amazing swatch photos! I really like to share my opinion on different brands and shades here with you, which is why I personally LOVE making this type of posts!

Fall and winter season is all about dark lips, makeup and of course dark nail polishes! We usually like to wear some purple/plum shades, maroon, brown, grey and black. But imagine this: all those colors in one!!! How awesome would that be?! Well, that’s exactly how I would describe this nail polish by Malena Cosmetics in number 33. Malena Cosmetics is a drugstore brand, very popular in Serbia, considering the fact that for less than 2$ you get beautiful and quality nail polishes. I love most of their collections, but this particular shade stole my heart forever! Ever since I saw it I knew it is going to be perfect for me, especially in this time of the year. As I have already mentioned, this nail polish could be described as perfect combination of dark purple/maroon/brown shade with a little bit of glitter! Very beautiful and suitable for almost everyone! You can rock this color on your short nails as well as on long! Like every dark shade nail polish, this one is kinda tricky too. When you apply your first layer you may see some sheer, unequal parts, problem witch could be easily fixed with another thin coat. After adding a second one, your nails should look stunning, as if they are changing colors! Small glitters are probably the best part, which makes this nail polish perfect for holiday, festive season!


I really hope you liked this nail polish as much as I did and I’m also hoping you like to see me doing different swatches! If you can’t buy this little baby in your country, I’m so sorry, but if you can – don’t hesitate, do it and I promise you won’t regret it!


That’s all for today folks, I’ll see you next time with some cute nail art design for CHRISTMAS PARTY! Thanks for reading!




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