Nail art designs

Matte. Gloss. Glitter.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

You know that I love to create fun, cute, but above all EASY nail art designs! That’s how I can help all of you that don’t have nail art skills whatsoever to still enjoy doing nails. Well, this time I’m here to present you one of the easiest designs you will ever see!

If you are not enough talented or you simply don’t have time to draw some crazy patterns, this manicure is right for you. All you will Β need is your favorite nail polish (can’t be metallic, though), chunky glitter and matte top coat! For myself I chose this pretty purple shade by Golden Rose, I love my pumps glitter by Essence and Aura’s matte top coat.

Start by applying base coat on your nails to protect them and prevent nail polish stains. After that, paint your nails normally. I always like to make 2 thin coats of polish. Wait about 5-10 minutes, depending on your nail polish, and add a matte top over all of your nails except the ring finger where we will add chunky glitter. I assume you could use small glitter as well, but with chunky one you will achieve the best look, having in mind that bigger glitter parts will show better through matte coat. When you have placed your glitters the way you want them, put a thin layer of matte top coat over them. The effect you will get it’s stunning!


Few minutes later, when your all nails are dry and completely matte, use a thin nail art brush and dip it into the same nail polish you already used when you painted your nails. Make 2 thin, curvy lines from the cuticle aria towards the tip of your nail bed. Glossy nail polish will make a wonderful effect on matte base! You will be using the same color, yet the textures will be different, which makes this design so unique! If you need, go twice over the same glossy line, just to make sure it’s showing good. Don’t apply fast drying top coat or you will ruin the manicure!


And you are done! Perfect, cute, girly and very, very, EASY manicure for everyone! I really hope that you liked it, so like, comment, share and follow me on Instagram to see more of me!

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