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Turn Up The Volume! 

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

In my last post I was showing you how to recreate super cute and easy Olaf (Frozen) nail art, but today we will be talking about one GORGEOUS and amazing nail polish!

You know me, I’m a huge metallic nail polish lover! I’ve tried many of those and I really liked this one as well. Stunning metallic rose pink shade by Essence is probably the most beautiful metallic polish I’ve ever used, but somehow it took me a long time to write and publish this post.I’m aware that it would look 100 times better on my long nails, but still, I really like it anyway. So let’s take a moment and admire this baby before I tell you my final thoughts 😉

Beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂 Yeah, well, this baby is part of Essence’s most wanted polish collection named THE METALS and it’s called TURN UP THE VOLUME! I’ve already tried few nail polishes from this collection, but this one is absolutely my favorite! It comes in 8 ml/ 0.27 fl.oz and wears number 34. Its brush is very thick and makes painting nails very easy. You can buy it in any drugstore for just a few dollars/euros, which is nothing new knowing how Essence Cosmetics products are affordable, yet very high quality. Personally I really like this one and I’m sure I will be wearing it for a long time!

Hope that you liked this post and this nail polish swatch! See you soon!




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