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Negative space technique!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Have you heard about Negative space nail art technique? This technique was the biggest runaway trend few years ago, but today is still very alive in nail art world! What exactly do I mean when I say “negative space nails”? Basically the point of this design is to create easy geometrical pattern (although it’s not necessary to be always geometrical) leaving blank space between them. Check out these google photos and see what I’m talking about!

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As I have already said, negative space nails had been all over the Instagram in past few months and I definitely had to try on this technique! I teamed up with one gorgeous lady on Instagram (shout out to @berry_nailcorner) in order to make some cool negative space manicures. You know me, I love to do geometrical patterns, so this was great chance to show my creativity and give you great ideas for freehand nail art!

For my first design I used Rebel at heart 44, nail polish from liquid metal collection by Essence. I really thought this polish would work the best for me considering that is very nice structured and shiny. And I was right. With my nail art brush I picked up some polish and drew perfectly straight lines. There is no actual pattern for this geometrical shape, I just let my imagination to the job and it turned out very well. It’s important to apply at least 2 thick base coats before you start to draw patterns, because your natural nails will peak underneath and we wanna make them look flawless (especially if your nail beds are yellow). When you are finally satisfied with your manicure, apply generous amount of your favorite glossy top coat (in this case matte top coat would just ruin the beautiful texture of my metallic nail polish) and let it dry! Manicure number 1 – successfully done!


Now back to manicure number 2! For this one I decided to combine coral red and gorgeous dark purple nail polish (click HERE to see the swatch!) in a shape of rectangles! So easy, yet very cute!


Hope that you liked these designs! If you did, make sure to follow me on Instagram @nailartmuse, I am close to 1000 followers!

That’s it for today, I’m be back soon with some cute Valentine’s Day manicures! Thanks for reading!




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