Nail art designs

Cute Valentine’s Day manicure!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Valentine’s Day is close and I’m sure that many of you would like to have cute, girly and super romantic manicure for that special day. That’s why I’m here to help you out and give you some ideas 🙂 As always, I tried to make as easiest designs as I could, therefore you won’t need any special nail art tools to recreate them!

First design I made was inspired by this Valentine’s Day card I saw online… Pretty cool, isn’t it? Eye love you! 😀 Very interesting and funny!

To start this manicure you will need pretty white metallic nail polish as base. Small silver glitter top coat over that is optional, but I’d say that this way it looks more romantic. Your index finger is reserved for “I” (or should I say “eye”), so that’s exactly where we will draw our little, cute eye! I chose mint green color for the first circle, while the next two were white and black, obviously since we are drawing an eye 🙂 Middle finger nail bed is place for love or heart and the best color for that is of course pink! It’s not that hard to draw it and if you’d like to make it even better, I suggest adding small black dots around the lines! We are almost done! What’s left is to write one single word on our ring finger – you! Use thin nail art brush or even dotting tool and tooth pick if that works best for you. As for the other two fingers, thumb and pinkie, you can make classic, crossing french tip in color of your choice, which for me was grey. 🙂 Apply fast drying top coat and that’s it!


I really hope that  you will like this manicure! Thanks so much for reading and following my blog! I’ll be back very soon with other easy and cute Valentine’s Day designs! Stay tuned!




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