Nail art designs

Fishnet floral nails!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I always wonder when it’s the right time to start making seasonal nail art designs, so I’m not quiet sure if I should post this manicure already. Anyway, I feel like spring is coming very soon, so there it is: FISHNET FLORAL NAILS!

I’m sure you’ve probably heard about big come back of fishnet stockings, they are all over the social media! Personally, I don’t like them that much, I guess that’s not my thing. But as for nails, I’m in! I like to experiment with different patterns, designs, colors and trends! Therefore, I was thinking: why not combine fishnet trend with beautiful spring floral design and create very unique manicure? That’s exactly what I did here! As always, I will be showing you simple freehand nail art design, so I’m pretty sure you will be able to recreate it if you want!

For base I chose to have some neutral, light, creamy color. What’s better for that than Hazelnut Cream Pie, 06 by Essence? Nude, beautiful color, perfect for fall days, but good enough to be part of spring manicure as well! After two thin coats of this marvelous nail polish I took another lovely shade by Malena Cosmetics in number 33 and created french tips on all of my nails. I know, you are probably wondering why I’m using all dark, neutral and fall colors for spring designs, but the answer is simple: because I like to combine things and make unique piece of art! Would it be interesting if I just take pink and white nail polish and draw small flowers? I don’t think so! That’s why we are going in with this gorgeous dark plum color with just a bit of small glitter showing trough. Once we have out french tips done we can start drawing fishnet! Okay, to be totally honest with you this could be little tricky, but as long as you follow my instructions you will do great job! To start making fishnet first draw big X on your nail. Now you have two perfect lines crossing each other. Make sure to draw 2 more lines on both sides of your main lines! Keep distance between them and try not to press your brush hardly onto the nail. Of course, depending on your nail length you may need few more, or few less lines. The most important thing about this manicure is to make thin, equal lines πŸ™‚ When you are done, your nails should look like this:


You can definitely stop here if you like so, but to spice up this design a little bit, I decided to add small roses in each corner of my fishnet french manicure! Drawing roses is probably the easiest thing since you just have to add small nail polish blobs and outline them with darker color. Here I used purple for flowers and red for petals. Don’t forget to draw few mint green lines for leaves and make your roses more realistic! Apply your favorite top coat and that’s it!


I really hope you will like this manicure! Please feel free to follow me on Instagram (we just hit 1000 followers, yay!) and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Also, if you want me to post more video tutorials, write that down in comments! Thanks so much for visiting and reading! I’ll see you very soon!




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