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Balmain collection inspired nail art!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Last week’s manicure was very interesting and fashion inspired! While I was going through Instagram, I saw few very interesting designer clothes that seemed to be very suitable for nail art! Spring is among us, therefore I had no doubt – I chose Balmain’s super colorful dress as a model for my cheerful manicure!

Source: instagram/balmain

To be totally honest with you, this manicure is not hard at all! All I had to do is to pick up some nice, neon polishes like yellow, green, orange and blue and create a nice, straight lines that meet their center towards the cuticle of my nails. As you can see, the model dress has identical, vertical black lines that separate neon rectangles. In my case, those lines were more like triangle looking like simply ’cause I thought it looked more interesting that way! To add some dimension and to recreate this model as close as I could, I popped few black dots over my lines. I finished my design with my favorite matte top coat and I think it looks really amazing!


Now, let me tell you few tips in order to achieve the best look on your nails!

First of all, always use white nail polish as a base if you are working with neon shades! That undertone will intensify your neons and they will look much better! Second, I would highly suggest you to work with nail art brushes, just to make sure you are getting equal, thin lines. If you chose to take your regular nail polish brush, you are risking to pick up more polish than you actually need, which can make a huge mess! Also, your lines won’t be as good as they should be! And lastly, try to use matte top coat every time you use neon colors or when you outline your designs with black nail polish! That’s how you will get more edgy, more dimensional and cartoon look!

That would be all for today’s post! I really hope you liked this manicure! Soon I’ll be back with few more and one great collab! Thanks for reading!





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