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Did someone say MONOCHROME?

Hello my lovely followers! Welcome back to my blog!

Lately I was thinking what kind of design I could present you. To be totally honest, I didn’t come up with some crazy idea, which made me very sad. But then I said to myself, why wouldn’t do something simple and elegant? Classic monochrome design seemed perfect! That’s why I decided to take my favorite black and white nail polishes and create a classic manicure. But then, why to use only 2 shades? Isn’t better to incorporate another one, very similar… like grey for example? Yes! That’s the best color combination if you are looking for classic, elegant and cute monochrome design!

To start this manicure I painted my nails white. Using my nail art brush I divided nail beds on 3 equal horizontal rectangles, each for one color. Naturally, gray was in the middle, while the tips were reserved for black color. Just before I wanted to apply fast drying top coat, I came up with an idea to use my very new confetti top coat and make this mani look a bit more fun! So that’s exactly what I did! Since it’s monochrome design, black and white confetti were the best choice for my black tips! After that I added a generous amount of glossy top coat and this is the final result:


I’m so sorry for the poor photo quality!

Hope that you liked it anyway! See you very soon with new mani!




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