Nail art designs

On the wings of a butterfly!

Hello my dear friends and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m bringing you another manicure specially designed for this month’s nail art challenge organized by Claire Stelle 8! Theme was butterflies and since I don’t like to use much stickers and stampers, I decided to freehand my mani for this occasion! Here it is!


You already know I’m a huge metallic fan, therefore is no wonder that I chose exactly metallic shade for this nail art! Also, I thought that this color would be the right choice since we are trying to recreate beautiful wings of a butterfly. Champagne metallic color by Golden Rose (WoW nail color in number 91) made a perfect canvas for my art! On middle and ring finger I wanted to draw butterflies, while on the other ones I decided just to make a nice, wing design, well known to all of us. With my favorite nail art tool, thin long nail art brush, I patiently drew my two butterflies. Firstly I filled my drawing with black nail polish, after what I took a bit of metallic shade and drew the same design over the black. I completed my mani by popping some white dots over winged nails and that’s basically it!

I really hope that you will like this manicure! Make sure to like, comment and share and also follow me on Instagram! Thanks for reading!





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