Product reviews

Spring favorites!

Hello guys and welcome back!

I think it’s time for some swatches, don’t you? 🙂

Lately all I was doing were nail art designs and only those of you who follow me on Instagram were able to see some of my nail polish swatches. That’s not okay, therefore I decided to include them on my blog as well! 🙂 So here I’m presenting you one my top favorite nail polishes for spring season! And don’t worry, this is just the start! There will me much more recommendations in next few weeks! 🙂

  1. My ultimate favorite, green mint nails! Perfect for spring and summer season! Nail polish swatched: Essence, play with my mint, number 40.


2. Lilac shade by Golden Rose, number 28.


3. Beautiful coral polish by Twenty one cosmetics, Aura, number 24.


4. And last, metallic champagne color by Golden Rose, number 91.


That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed! See you next time!




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