How to: DRY marble nails!

Hello guys! Welcome back to nailartmuse.wordpress.com!

This weekend’s nail art is probably one of the best I’ve ever done! For so long my wish was to recreate this gorgeous black and gold marble design and now I finally did it! Thanks to @clairestelle8 and her swirls theme I came up with this beautiful nail art!


Marble manicures are seriously very tricky and hard to do! If you ever tried to do it, you surely know how frustrating it can be – you need to adjust water temperature, to use right nail polishes and to watch out not to ruin your pattern if you finally manage to make it! Afterwards comes dealing with messy fingers and cleaning process. All those things are time consuming and none of us wants to spend 5 hours doing nails (not that I wouldn’t like to :P). That’s why, thanks heaven, someone came up with DRY WATER MARBLE NAILS, aka marble design that doesn’t include water and all that mess! Ever since I found out about this technique I’m constantly using it and I doubt that I will ever try to goof around with water. The point of this technique is to make yourself marble stickers, let them dry and later just press them onto your nails without any trouble! You will be able to express your creativity and make anything you want, including this lovely marble effect. This is what you have to do, step by step:

  1. Find plastic sandwich bag and using your nail polish (base color) draw small (or large, depending on your nail length) rectangles.
  2. If you are looking for marble effect, add more colors and swirl them together using bobby pin, dotting tool or even tooth pick.
  3. Let your design dry out – for best results let it sit over night.
  4. Once your little stickers are dry and ready, slowly peel them off your plastic bag. Be very careful and gentle since they are fragile and it’s easy to rip them. However, if you even rip them a bit, don’t worry, you can always place those parts next to each other and nicely stick them onto your nail.
  5. Now it’s time to apply your stickers. Paint your nails same color that you used for base on your stickers.
  6. Over that apply thin coat of any base or top coat. It’s important to have sticky base.
  7. Now measure your nails nails length and cut out stickers to match them perfectly.
  8. Place stickers and press them strongly onto your nails until they stick fully.
  9. Clean up some edges if needed and file the tips of your nails to smooth them completely.
  10. Finish your design by applying generous amount of your favorite top coat!


If you follow my instructions your nails should look like this.

As for my ring finger, I decided to draw two opposite black swirls on golden glittery base.

That’s it for today, hope that you find this post helpful!




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