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Confetti party!

Hello everyone and welcome back to nail art land!

I’m so excited to show you my latest nail art design! Actually, it’s not that much a design since doesn’t involve drawing, stamping, adding stickers or anything else you are usually used to. This manicure is very simple, yet adorable, cause I’m using my new favorite confetti top coat!! Yes, you read it well! Today we’ll be working with confetti top coat that makes your nail look fabulous and saves you the trouble of drawing, stamping, making gradients etc. πŸ™‚

For myself I chose 2 confetti colors: pink (number 09) and black one (number 03) by Kcano nail polishes.


That is exactly why I decided to paint my nails black and hot pink. It’s a great idea to alternate base and confetti colors, that gives you an amazing final result!

Okay, so what you will have to do is to paint your nails any color you want (but I suggest using 2 colors of nail polish and confetti top coat and alternate them). After your base color is completely dry, take your top coat and try to add as much confetti onto your nails as you can! Be patient and cover each part of your nail bed! In my case, pink confetti seemed to be a right choice for my black painted nails, while black ones turned out great on my hot pink painted ring and pinky finger! If you’d like, you could apply fast drying top coat over your manicure or even matte one! I didn’t think that was necessary and that’s why I left it as it is. Gorgeous, right? I really hope you will consider buying confetti top coat because I think they will be super interesting for spring and summer days, especially when you want your nails to look cute but you don’t have much time to do any crazy nail art!


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