Easy spring manicure! One stroke technique!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my nail art world!

This weekend I will show you how to make cute manicure for sunny spring days!

What’s spring manicure without flowers? Exactly! Floral print was my inspiration for this design and I wanted to make it super colorful! That’s why I chose few bright colors and start making my girly mani πŸ™‚

First thing I recommend you while doing this design is to pick some neutral, pastel base. I decided to take out my very favorite green pastel by Essence (click HERE to see full swatch review), Floral grunge collection in shade 03 Grunge me tender. Once that dried out, I took my flat, square nail art brush and chose two shades of same color – one light and other darker – for my first flower combination. This is some kind of one stroke technique where you basically use your brush to pick up both shades simultaneously and gently press onto your nails. That one stroke will leave beautiful ombre effect on your flower pedals. Repeat the process tree to four times, depending on your nail length. In my case, three pedals and three flowers were enough. For this manicure I combined two shades of blue, purple and orange color. Watch my short video tutorial if you find this explication unclear:

Now that you are done with flowers, take your dotting tool and pop three small dots right in the middle of each flower to give it some dimension. Finish your manicure by applying fast drying top coat and that’s it! This is how everything turned out:



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