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Embroidered denim nails!

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Today we have a fashion inspired nail art! Few weeks ago I did a colorful manicure inspired by Balmain dress and now we have a new trend! You don’t really have to be into fashion to know that embroidered clothes, especially denim, is must have this spring! I really liked this trend, therefore I wanted to transfer it onto my nails. 🙂 If by any chance you are not familiar with embroidered jackets and jeans, here I will link few images just to make sure you know what we are talking about 🙂


To achieve this look on your nails, you will have to use denim blue nail polish as a base, of course. I was thinking what’s better for that than my ultimate favorite Aura Cosmetics shade Skinny jeans! Gorgeous lighter blue shade would make perfect denim background. Once when you nails are nicely painted and dry, take out your favorite nail art brush and colors of your choice. Knowing that most of the times we see embroidered roses, I decided to use red nail polish first. To completely imitate this look, we have to use blue and red for sure! After that, if you’d like to make your mani more interested, feel free to add more colors, just like I added light orange, lilac and purple as well. All those colors will be used for our flowers! Now, there are few techniques for drawing flowers and you can definitely chose any of them! As for me, I wanted to create typical red flowers – daisy shaped, cute orange ones and of course, lilac roses bordered with thin purple lines. I highly suggest you to draw your flowers in the corners of your nails, near the edges, since those are exactly the places where we mostly can see embroidered details on jeans and jackets. Connect your flowers by drawing a thin white line and create that way some kind of floral frame for your nails. Of course, don’t forget to add few green leaves and seal your design with generous amount of glossy top coat! This is how your nails should look:


I really hope you liked this manicure! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thanks so much for visiting, I’ll see you very soon with amazing unboxing and reviewing post!





5 thoughts on “Embroidered denim nails!

  1. So cool… love these! I’m definitely gonna try these…. I love nail art but I’m a beginner though…. 😍😍😊😊
    Thank you gal…😘😘😊😊💟

    Liked by 1 person

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