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Crazy vibrant manicure!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I really wasn’t sure how would I describe and name today’s design, so I just decided to call it a crazy vibrant manicure! If you ask me how I got inspiration for this nail art, I wouldn’t know exactly how to answer. I just knew I wanna do something different, something crazy, because it was about time for me to step out of my comfort zone! And I guess this time I really managed to do it!


Basically, if you have on your mind to do something attractive, you definitely have to use vibrant colors and create some nice mix of those. Lately I’ve been into all shades of orange, including this neon, which seemed like a great choice to start with. I knew I will have to add some other, completely opposite color to that one, therefore my choice went to beautiful purple shade. I started “doodling” and after few tries I finally saw clearly the pattern I was looking for! Nothing very challenging though. but still very interesting as you can obviously tell. To complete this design you will need long nail art brush and a steady hands šŸ˜› Just kidding, but seriously you will have to make sure your lines are clean and straight! Firstly, make a huge X on your nail. Then draw one more horizontal line right where previous two are crossing each other and simply fill in those formed three triangles. To make it even cuter, I suggest popping gold dots in the middle of each pattern. And that’s pretty much it!


You can play with colors as much as you want, you can make this design on all of your nails or just accent ones, really it works well in all combinations!

I got many compliments on this manicure on Instagram, so I’m sure you will like it too! Don’t hesitate to comment your opinion! Soon I’ll be back with new EASTER NAIL ART DESIGNS and one big MANICURE SETS REVIEW! Stay tuned!




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