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MONT BLEU manicure products review! +20% off code!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is going to be very interesting since I’m finally here to review amazing goodies I’ve recently got from MONT BLEU company! Before I start, I’d like to leave you few links, just in case you are interested in buying these products, or some other, because they really have cool stuff for everyone that’s into makeup, hairstlyles or nails! I’m offering you a 20% discount too, if you use my code: BLOG

Now, let’s start this review! 🙂


Just few days after I’ve received an e-mail from Mont Bleu PR and chose these lovely products, I got my favorite kind of mail – NAIL MAIL! Yes, I guess we all get thrilled when we see postman coming with our long waited parcels! I was very surprised how quickly my package has arrived and I really have to say that people from Mont Bleu are obviously doing their job great! 

Of course, I couldn’t wait even a minute and I opened my package. First thing I saw was this cute postcard from Prague, which made me think how thoughtful that is! After all, Prague is one of my favorite cities, maybe that’s why I liked it so much! 🙂

For this time I chose to test 3 products: mini manicure set, foot scraper made of crystal Czech glass and a nice set of manicure tools – cuticle pusher and nail cleaner. 


First thing I’d like to talk about is this lovely mini 3 pieces manicure set in turquoise color! Mont Bleu company is describing this product as “Solingen manicure set in black leather case of 3 parts: nail scissors, tweezers and glass nail file. Essential manicure tools, all in one case. This manicure set is perfect for everyday and for travel.

The leather case is genuine cowhide-leather, with black velvet lining and has a push button for easy open. Glass nail file is made of Czech tempered glass in Czech Republic by Mont Bleu. Precision nail scissors are made of stainless steel in Solingen, Germany. Tweezers have a slant tip; they are made of stainless steel and covered with rubber for comfortable non-slippery use.

Glass nail file and tweezers are hand decorated with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. Design and hand decoration by Mont Bleu.

Back to manicure sets. You can buy the glass nail file, tweezers and nail scissors separately if you prefer.”

What I liked the most about this set is its size! It’s perfect for everyday use and trips! Crystal glass nail file is great, it has certificate and makes your nails really soft and smooth! Since I have already tried Czech glass files I knew exactly what should I expect. They last a life time and you can file your nails in both directions without damaging them! That’s really awesome, because we all know how exhausting filing it can get when you have to watch out your every move! If you follow my blog then you already know my opinion on these babies and there is nothing much I could add expect the fact that I really liked Mont Bleu’s file for its size and beautiful hand Swarovski crystals decoration!


Second thing you will get in this manicure set is of course scissors! It’s impossible to imagine any set without these! Personally I like to use them over clippers because I have soft and fragile nails. Also, I think they are the best choice for your toe nails, since they give you a nice precision, at least that’s how I tried them out! 🙂 



Last but not least, we have a gorgeous tweezers decorated with few Swarovski crystals as well! I don’t know about you, but I always struggle with finding a good tweezers. Most of the times they don’t do the job for me simply because I have a pretty thick everybrows and I don’t do much of a correction. That’s why I hate when I accidentally pull off more than one hair at a time! Well, with this tweezers that’s not the case! Thanks to them I can now shape my eyebrows exactly how I want without any trouble. Plus, they look super cute! 



These sets are available in 6 different colors. 

How to purchase: 

Next products I tried are these useful manicure tools made of steel. It’s always important to take care of your cuticles, which is exactly why you should find a good cuticle pusher. Since our nails are pron to infections, the best way to prevent them is using a good, quality cuticle pusher made of steel. That is why I chose to take this 2 piece set. Both cuticle pusher and nail cleaning tool are durable, made of stainless steel. With them I no longer need to go to professional salon and get my nails done, I can do that in comfort of my own home! These tools guarantee you a nice looking nails and hands, whether you plan to use them as a professional manicurist or just as a woman who takes care of her beauty. Mont Bleu company also claims that these items are “designed to last and produced from high quality stainless steel, the nail cleaner and cuticle shaper in this handy set are perfect for professional use in the salon, as well as at home. The comfortable grip on the cuticle shaper features thumb indents, ensuring a precise and perfect finish every time.

Hygiene is a key concern when it comes to any manicure products, and both the nail cleaner and cuticle shaper in this set can be sterilised over and over again. The matt finish on both tools also ensures they repel finger-marks and stay looking their best at all times. 

Excellent quality nail cleaner & cuticle pusher are hand finished in Germany by a traditional Solingen company with more than 80 years experience in making the well recognized Solingen quality nail and cuticle care implements.

Made of stainless steel, which makes them anti-corrosive and durable, these manicure tools are made to last a lifetime. They have a matt brush polished surface. 
Length 12 cm / 4.72″ inches.

  • Keeps nails clean and cuticles tidy
  • Ergonomic grip allows comfortable and precise use
  • Curved edges are gentle on the cuticles
  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Suitable for personal and professional use

For the nail care we suggest using nail pliers, cuticle nippers & glass nail files with your set of metal manicure tools.





I’m more than satisfied with these manicure tools, therefore I kindly suggest you to buy them and make your nail care easier!

How to purchase:

And finally, last thing I want to talk about in this review is AMAZING glass foot file! I was very excited to get this file knowing that crystal nail files are great! That’s why I wanted to test out this foot scraper and find out if they really work for pedicure! All I can say is OMG! I knew this product won’t disappoint me, but still I didn’t expect to be this amazed with it! We know that our feet are extremely soft which is why we have to take such a good care of them. I tried many foot scrapers and lotions and I wasn’t very satisfied with the results. Once I tried Mont Bleu’s glass file I can assure you that I’m never going back to old drugstore brands! 


This file has 2 side – one rough and other fine, smooth. Both do miracles, though! In the most gentle way, Mont Bleu’s foot scraper will take care of your feet, making them absolutely soft and rejuvenated! 

Special abrasive surface easily removes callus (hardened skin) from heels without damaging the healthy parts. It will make your feet feel like from SPA pedicure.

This “Cracks” Glass Foot File has 2-sided abrasive surface: one textured with a rough feel for the callus and one smooth for a velvet-like finish on your heels. It’s designed for medium or light calluses. For tough hard skin please try the “Original Foot Scraper”.

Glass foot files are made of Czech tempered glass and have a lifetime guarantee on abrasive surface. It’s supplied in protective plastic sleeve.

I know that I don’t talk about pedicure on my blog, but this product really deserves a special place and nice review! After just one treatment with this magic file my heels felt very smooth! 

How to purchase:



Once again I’d like to thank a Mont Bleu company for contacting me and sending these wonderful products for review! I feel like my nail care routine is enriched now which is why I’m so happy to share my impressions with you and introduce you to this quality brand! 

If you decide to purchase some of these or any other items from Mont Bleu’s website, please use MY 20% OFF CODE: BLOG! That way you will get amazing deal – high quality products for cheaper price! 

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope that you liked this review and hope that you will try out something from this brand! It was a huge pleasure to team up with them, I’m really looking forward to our another collaboration! 

Meanwhile, check out my unboxing video and of course make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel!





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