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Freckles nail art – Easter edition!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Holidays are over and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t post any of my Easter designs before actual holiday since I was very busy (like everyone in this time of the year, I guess). Nevertheless, I still wanted to share with you one of my easiest, yet cutest, designs ever that worked very well for Easter theme, but also it’s suitable for spring and summer thanks to its colors and pattern!

Maybe you’ve already heard about “egg’s freckles” nail art, very popular manicure this year! I’m not quiet sure who came up with this pattern first, therefore I can’t really give credits to that person, but I can say how I learned about it! I’d like to thank my dear @berry_nailcorner (you should follow her!) for introducing this interesting technique to me! If you like this manicure, scroll down to see how you can easily recreate it! šŸ™‚


As I’ve mentioned earlier, this nail art is great for Easter holidays, but also can be worn in spring and summer days! What you will need is 5 pastel nail polishes of your choice (you can use one color only too, but this way is more fun!) and a fan brush! If you don’t own any, I suggest tooth brush as an alternative! šŸ™‚

Start by applying your base coat. After that paint your nails and use different color for each nail – here I chose baby pink, pastel blue, peachy, green and lilac shades. Apply second coat if needed and let it fully dry. Once when you are done with that, take your fan brush and dip it into black nail polish. Make sure to tap it few times onto the paper in order to get rid of excess polish. Then slowly press the brush on your nails and be very gentle because we don’t want to create smudges. When you are satisfied with the freckles, let your nails fully dry before you use any top coat (to prevent smudging again). And voila! You are done! Easy and cute manicure for spring is ready! In case you want to make this mani more summery, try using more vibrant, neon colors šŸ™‚ How do you like it?


Also, let’s take a moment and admire my marble Easter eggs! ā¤


Hope that you enjoyed this Easter edition on my blog! See you very soon with another cute manicure! Until then…




6 thoughts on “Freckles nail art – Easter edition!

  1. Wonderfully done mani! Mine was done with an old toothbrush hahaha! And thanks so much for the shoutout, you’re great, inspirational and talented, love following you!

    Liked by 1 person

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