Jelly sandwich sunset nail art!

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Finally I’m here to talk about jelly sandwich nail art technique! I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard about this, but for those who haven’t here I am explain step by step how to achieve this stunning effect on your nails! Keep reading!


First thing you wanna know about this technique is the fact that you’ll need sheer nail polish of you choice! Thick formulas won’t work for this. If you have sheer nail polish in the exact shade you were looking for, then you’ve got no problems! However, if you’d like to do for example blue design and you don’t have any sheer polishes in that shade, feel free to use any nude sheer polish! Nude sheer polishes are basically transparent and they will help you get wanted results!

To start your manicure paint your nails any color you like (preferably sheer shade, as I’ve already mentioned). Make sure to add 2-3 layers, depending on your nail polish. Bottom line, you want your base to be opaque!! After that mix small and chunky glitters (using only small glitters won’t be as good as using both) on your nail beds and let them fully dry! Now, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for! Over those glitters apply thin coat of previously used sheer nail polish and make sure not to apply too much! As long as you are following these steps, you can continue layering glitters if you’re not satisfied!

You can play with this technique how ever you want, just like I did here! Instead of painting my nails normally, I made a beautiful orange and yellow, kind of “sunset”, gradient base. Then I simply applied chunky silver glitters (I find that using silver ones works the best, since the purple ones didn’t show through as good as I expected, that’s another extra tip for you) and a thin layer of sheer neon yellow polish by Flormar.

Now, speaking of top coats, you can seal your design using simple fast drying top coat or you could do what I did here and apply matte top coat instead! Matte top coat will give your nails another super cool dimension since it looks gorgeous over glitters (please try that, you will thank me later :D)!


And that’s basically everything you should know about famous jelly sandwich nail art technique! If you have some extra questions write me in comments and I will answer the m gladly! Also, I’d like to apologize for kinda poor photo quality and actual lack of photos, but that was really beyond my power! I still hope you will like and try out this manicure! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thanks for visiting!




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