Rainbow meets darkness

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite designs for spring and summer days! It’s very vibrant, yet kind of edgy, which is what I like the most about it.

As you can see, I named this manicure “rainbow meets darkness” cause it just reminds me of beautiful rainbow colors united with glossy black shade! If you’d like to know how I made this designs, scroll down!


Okay, first thing you wanna do is paint your nails white or even nude, it doesn’t really matter as long as it makes a good base for our design. After that choose colors of your choice, I wanted to use different kind of rainbow shades, and paint one side of your nail bed using dry brush technique! If you’re not familiar with this nail art technique, here’s a quick tutorial: use your nail polish brush and make sure to dry it as much as you can, (you can easily do this by pressing the brush onto the paper). This is how you will get rid of the excess polish. Once when you are done with that, take your brush and start painting your nails as you usually would. This time, of course, you won’t have much polish and the brush will leave this beautiful, “strike” effect. Repeat the process with the rest of your shades and let it dry (which won’t take long since our brush was already almost dry). Then simply use your darkest shade, preferably black, and paint the other half of your nail. If you can’t make perfectly straight lines, try using nail art brush instead of regular nail polish one. Once your nails are completely dry, apply a fast drying, glossy top coat over them and that’s it!


How do you like it? Please let me know down in comments! Thanks for visiting, I’ll be back very soon!




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