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Spring favorites: Ruby red!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post on my blog!

After that beautiful “rainbow meets darkness” manicure I’m here with another nail polish swatch!

This time I’ll be showing you one of the most beautiful red shades I’ve ever tried! This nail polish is perfect for everyone who likes elegance, it’s very feminine and great for every occasion. The star of this post is coming from Malena Cosmetics, which is the brand I’ve already mentioned few times in my posts. Lovely ruby red shade of this polish is enriched with very small glitters showing underneath. That’s the main reason I wanted to try this product.

As I have already said, it’s perfect for all seasons, even though it has that festive, holiday spirit. The shade is in number 29 and it comes in 12 ml bottle. Here are the swatches! Enjoy!


Hope you will like this post! Thanks for visiting my blog!




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