Nail art designs

Neon Mix & Match manicure!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Spring is here, summer is yet to come, therefore it’s time to start wearing bright, neon, vibrant colors on our nails! I really enjoy finding ideas and inspiration for those kind of manicures which is why it was really easy for me to come up with this gorgeous design!


Ever since I started doing nail art I liked mix & match designs. That’s exactly what I will be showing you today – lovely combination of stripes and dotticure spiced up with a very trendy nail art technique aka negative space (if you wanna see my other negative space designs click HERE).

I believe this pattern is pretty much self explanatory, therefore I won’t bother you with long “step by step” talk. The only tip I would give you is to use white nail polish as base in order to achieve the bright neon effect on your nails.

Enjoy this gorgeous design and I’ll see you very soon with some cute and easy manicures!





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