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Pastel pink by Maybelline + opinion on Colorama collection

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

It’s been a while since I tested Maybelline New York’s products, but now I’m finally here with another swatch review for all of you who like pastel and light colors!


When I bought this nail polish – Maybelline Colorama in number 26 –  I really liked its shade, I thought it’s perfect for spring days or as a base for many nail art designs. I’m a huge fan of Maybelline and I own a lot of their products, including this collection of nail polishes (if you’d like to see more about it, click HERE).

When I got this bottle I obviously forgot what happened to my previous Colorama polishes, otherwise I wouldn’t even bother buying it! There is something weird in their formulas that I don’t know how to describe. First of all, they stain your nails SO bad! Yes, that’s right! If you click that link to my other Maybelline Colorama review you will see actual photos of my green/yellow nails! This happened even though I used protecting base coat as always. Simply, Colorama’s darker shades, like that green one I used before, are really heavy and they leave pretty serious stains, in other words they damage my nails really bad.

Anyway, as you can see, I still decided to use this baby pink color and give Colorama another chance. This time I didn’t have problems. my nails were perfectly looking, but still I don’t think that formula has changed – it’s simply the lighter shade! I used NUDE polish from this collection as well and the results were the same – good! But then, have you ever seen nude and baby pink shades leaving stains? Yeah, exactly.

Another thing I didn’t like about this particular shade is its sheerness (on the other hand it’s perfect for JELLY SANDWICH TECHNIQUE)! This color is so beautiful, but it took me 5 LAYERS (yes, 5!!) to finally achieve this effect! It’s lovely but I don’t think it’s worth!


Bottom line, do I love this shade? YES! Do I love this Colorama collection? Not entirely! Will I buy it again? Probably I will give it another try since these are not expensive, but can’t promise!

Hope that you liked this honest review about Maybelline’s nail polish and generally about Colorama collection. If you did, please let me know down in comments and share your own experience with this polishes if you tried them! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you soon!




6 thoughts on “Pastel pink by Maybelline + opinion on Colorama collection

  1. I had some before but by now I don’t own any. I also wasn’t fan of the formula. Even their hot pink was not covering my nails and I don’t like not opaque shades especially if darker.

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