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Born Pretty Store stamping set review + 10% off discount code!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’ll be reviewing this lovely stamping set I got from Born Pretty Store! Before we start the actual review, here I will leave you links in case you want to check out items I showed you.

If you’d like to purchase these or some other Born Pretty Store nail art supplies, make sure to use my personal code ZORW10 in order to receive 10% off discount on all regular price items!

Reviewed products: 

1. 3Pcs/set Clear Silicone Jelly Stamper Rectangular Nail Art Stamper with Cap & 2 Scrapers  #30859

2. 1 Pc BORN PRETTY Template Stamping Plate Floral Rectangle Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BPX-L017  #38740

3. 1Pc 春の歌 Stamping Plate SKull Rose Pattern 5.5cm Round Nail Art Image Plate Harunouta-28  #38414

4. 1Pc BORN PRETTY Round 5.5cm Stamping Plate Wave Line Design Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-112  #37511

5. 1Pc 春の歌 Stamping Plate Mermaid Conch Pattern 5.5cm Round Nail Art Plate Harunouta-21  #37406


First thing I’d like to talk about is stamping in general. If you follow me, by now you know that I never used any stampers for my designs, they are all free handed. That means I’m new in this world and I’m not quiet sure how I will handle it since I’ve seen bunch of videos where girls show us different techniques of using stampers and it ain’t easy at all! However, I’ve also seen so many great reviews on Born Pretty Store stamping sets, that I bravely decided to give it a chance and learn how to make those perfect manicures!

I started with my favorite rectangle floral plate! Lots of my designs are inspired by floral patterns, therefore it was easy to choose between all those gorgeous plates Born Pretty Store has offered! Let’s take a peek and see how it looks like:


Unfortunately, it’s very tricky to take photos of stamping plates because of reflections, but I really hope you will be able to see each of these lovely patterns. We have smaller and bigger ones, flowers, roses, butterflies, gardeners, even fairies! That’s the main reason I fell in love with this plate! Of course, I’ve already tried out all of them, but about this one in particular I have to say that it’s very quality, surprisingly easy to use! Almost all of these patterns worked amazingly the very first time I tried it! Naturally, you have to be aware that not all of nail polishes will work perfectly (some more, some less, some not even a little bit!), but once when you find those that actually do the job it ain’t hard at all! As a matter a fact, I’ve already done one cute floral manicure using this plate and soon I will be posting photos!



Other stamping plates I got are smaller and circular shaped, but equally adorable! I chose to try this summery one with all the seashells, mermaids and other beach inspired patterns! It’s perfect for summer and if you’re looking for something cute and unique, I believe you will like this plate! Once again, I apologize for poor quality photos, but plates just didn’t want to cooperate this time! Also, I’d like to remind you that all of these items are listed above, in case you would like to purchase them or just wondering how they look like on site photos!



Then we have this skull plate for some edgy looks I’m always going for! I simply liked that perfectly combined skull and floral design and I guarantee these patterns will be great for autumn or Halloween manicures!



The only item from this set I didn’t like at all is this wavy one! When I was ordering it seemed so cool and great for different kind of nail art, but when I actually tried it, turns out that it’s not working at all! Yes, I peeled off the protecting plastic and yes, I tried various nail polishes, but still, this plate it’s just not picking the design! It made me so frustrated since I had very high hopes about this one! Anyway, I will keep trying before I finally give up!



Moving on to clear jelly stamper! Without good stamper stamping nail art is practically impossible! What I like the most about this one is the fast that it’s CLEAR, which gives me more precision! With it I know exactly where to place my design and I think that it’s very useful for everyone, especially us who are new into this! It’s very soft, squishy and made of silicone, which is why you won’t have any trouble picking up the design and safely placing it onto the nail!



Along with the stamper I got the scraper too, but there is not much to say about it. It’s plastic and does the job very well.


Last but not least, dear Cynthia from Born Pretty Store sent me a small gift! Stamping guide plate made of steel!


I was very happy to receive this since it’s very useful and allows you to actually “crop” your designs! There are few different shapes and if you’d like to learn more about using stamping guide plates stay tuned, because soon I will upload a video tutorial and explain everything! The guide plate I got is in number G003 and these are the patterns included:



Basically all you have to do is choose you design, add some polish, scrape the excess, then slowly place the guide plate on the chosen pattern and pick up perfectly shaped cropped design with your stamper! Video tutorial will explain everything! 🙂

This concludes my review! I really hope that you liked all the items I got! Don’t forget to check out my UNBOXING VIDEO and use ZORW10 code in case you want to purchase these or any other BPS nail art supplies!

Big thanks to Born Pretty Store for teaming up with me once again and big thanks to you for visiting my blog! Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel and never miss any of my manicures!







2 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store stamping set review + 10% off discount code!

  1. Were you finally able to stamp on your nails? I got the same stamper and it was crap. It fell to pieces on the first try, did not pick up polish and did not place it on my nails. Same opinion about the plates. They may have good stampers but for me definitely not this one 😕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually I made it! For me this stamper works good, what I find difficult is to choose right polish since many of them just don’t work… :/ Therefore, I definitely think we need stamping polishes or simply more practice until we eventually learn which ones are good and which not 😀


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