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Dazzled by gold

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I have another beautiful swatch for you today! Until now I’ve never posted any OPI swatch on my blog and I thought this is the right occasion to do that!

I’m really in love with OPI’s base and top coats, but honestly I never thought I will like their polishes too! As a huge metallic nail polish fan, I just had to try this lovely golden shade! It’s really perfect for any kind of nail art, although it can be worn as a simple manicure too! The formula itself is very opaque with such a nice glossy finish, which is absolutely necessary for metallic colors.


We are used to OPI’s generosity when it comes to bottle’s size and this collection is not exception in that way. Polish itself comes in a huge 15 ml bottle and it’s absolutely impossible to finish it fast! Formula is great as I’ve already mention, since it gives your nails that wonderful “foil look alike” effect. Knowing that I don’t use any kind of stickers and foils, this shade is perfect for me! And it will be perfect for you too if you’re into metallics 🙂


Having in mind how many polishes don’t look perfect on photos, I decided to add this short video from my Insta story and let you see how this polish looks like in real!


I really hope that you’ll like this review and swatches! See you soon with another tutorial!





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