How to use stamping guide plates? Video tutorial!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel!

As I’ve promised in one of my Born Pretty Store reviews, here I am bringing you one very interesting and helpful post about stamping guide plates and how to use them!

Cynthia from Born Pretty Store (ZORW10 discount code for 10% off on all original price items) was so kind this time she sent me an extra gift to try out! Since I’m new in stamping I really had no idea how to use stamping guide plates. If you didn’t know, stamping guide plates are used to technically crop your stamped pattern. Normally, most of the patterns are rectangle, so if you’d like to have, let’s say a nice floral design in zigzag or oval shape you will have to use guide plate. Now that I know how to practice this technique, I’m here to show you everything you need to know in case you were struggling with these!

My video tutorial is pretty much self explanatory, but here is what you have to do.

  1. Choose a stamping plate and pattern you like the most
  2. Apply polish
  3. Scrape the excess
  4. Place your stamping guide over the pattern
  5. Use stamper to pick up the “cropped” design
  6. Transfer the pattern onto your nail

Remember, you will have to work quickly in order to succeed! Please, take a look at my video and tell me what you think!

I really hope this tutorial was helpful for you! I’ll see you soon with another super summer manicure tutorial! Therefore, please SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL so you won’t miss any of my videos!





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