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On Wednesdays we wear pink!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

As you can already tell, this post is all about my new favorite hot pink nail polish for summer! Title was inspired by famous “Mean girls” quote and it seemed very appropriate for this shade!


This lovely color is by Golden Rose, a good known brand here on my blog! It’s not a secret that I’m totally obsessed with all of their products, especially with amazing nail polish collections! You should definitely try some if you haven’t yet, because I assure you you won’t find a better combination of affordable and quality products!


Now, onto the polish! This one is from Color Expert Nail Lacquer collection, in number 19. The only thing that really bugs me about GR nail polish lines is the lack of interesting, cute and funny names! Using numbers is very “passe” in today’s beauty industry, but still, that’s not gonna affect my opinion.

The same moment I saw this beautiful shade I knew I have to get it! Already I was missing a nice, neon/hot pink color for summer, so this one seemed like a very good choice. As usual, GR nail polishes come in a very big bottles with a wide, precise brushes which make your life so much easier while painting nails! The formula is great! Although on these swatches I wear two coats (I always do), you could easily get away with just one and still achieve this gorgeous pigmented shade! This would also be the main reason I love GR polishes. Naturally, if you’d like to go for full neon look, you might wanna try using white polish as a base underneath.


I’m super satisfied with this one and I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot this summer! Hope that you liked my swatches and photos! If so, please let me know down in comments and make sure that you follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel!!! I’ve prepared some cute designs for you (some of them are already posted on my Instagram, so head over there and find out!)! Stay tuned!





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