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Got a secret, can you keep it? 

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog!

If you are PLL fan like me then you probably know that last week we got to see the very last episode 😦 Even thinking about that makes me so sad because I spent so many years watching this TV show and we basically all grew up together. It’s impossible for me to imagine that we came to an end …. But indeed these 7 years were a wonderful journey and it was a huge pleasure to share theories and ideas with thousands of fans all around the world. I’d like to make a special post to this wonderful and one of my ultimate favorite series, but you know my blog is reserved only for nail art. Therefore, I’m using this chance to talk a bit about Pretty Little Liars and its finale.


I’ve been watching this TV show for so long and I would lie if I said that I’m completely satisfied with the end. I believe we still have our doubts and lots of unanswered questions and that’s really bugging me. After all, I’m so happy to see all of our couples together, especially Haleb, because they are my favorite! Ezria wedding was also one of the best moments and it’s nice to see how everything ended up well for our girls. However, I wish we got to find out more about A.D. aka Alex Drake and more about her background story. This way, series seems so unfinished and rushed, while the A.D. looks like a totally random person without strong motives. I wish Mona was revealed as the main villain, but if you’ve seen the very end of the episode, then you might know that she kinda is. Although I like Troian Bellisario so much and I think she’s an amazing actress, her performance in this last episode wasn’t enough to cover all plot holes Marlene King has left to us. The twin theory was probably the most popular one so the reveal wasn’t actually that shocking to anyone, let alone heartbreaking as Marlene kept saying. She has introduced a completely new character at the end and I don’t think that’s good enough for this kind of show, especially not after 7 long years and so many wrong trails. There were too many irrelevant details, too many twins if you ask me, but what can we do now. I still like PLL and I’ll always will no matter what, but I believe we deserved a better written and maybe longer finale.

Having in mind that Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite series I decided to dedicate my last prompt in #clairestelle8june nail art challenge to this very special show. I know this isn’t the most wonderful nail art you will see, but it means a lot to me and I’m so happy to show it to you, especially now that everything is over. It’s an easy and very cute manicure, so if you’d like to recreate it, you definitely can without any doubts.

If you are a true PLL fan then I don’t need to explain the meaning of  those words and symbols.



I really hope you liked this little homage to PLL. Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you very soon! 🙂

Kisses bitches,



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