Nail art designs

Ice cream nails!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another nail art post!

Today we have here a super summery design made for #clairestelle8july challenge on Instagram! I really had so much fun doing it and I hope you’ll like it too! Unfortunately, I didn’t make a video tutorial, but if you’d like to see more of those, please write me down in comments!


I noticed everyone is doing a stamping ice cream nails, cause that way is much easier, obviously. That is why I decided to freehand mine and I came up with this crazy neon color combination that I thought it would be perfect for this mani!

I painted my middle and ring finger metallic white, while for the rest of the nails I chose this beautiful neon yellow, personally my favorite summer shade by Flormar in numer 420. On the white nails I drew ice cream cones and crisscrossed them with darker brown polish. For the actual ice cream I chose white color, but I added some colorful sprinkles to make it more realistic and fun!

On the rest of the nails I simply drew a nice dripping hot pink pattern on  a neon yellow base to resemble strawberry ice cream! Again, I added some sprinkles and my summer ice cream nails were ready!


Hope that you like this mani! Make sure to follow my blog and Instagram page so you never miss my designs! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you very soon!




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