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Skull nail polish!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

We have a new swatch today! I wanted to get one of these lovely skull bottle nail polishes and I was sooo happy when I finally found them! Since it’s a summer time, I chose this beautiful lilac purple shade and I love it so much!


Unfortunately, I’m not able to tell you what brand this nail polish is, because I found it on a dollar store and there wasn’t any label or etiquette attached! That’s kinda lame, but still I wanted to have this skull bottle in my collection for long ! I’m a big fan of cute nail polish bottles and I try to collect as many as I can (my panda nail polish is one of my favorites!), therefore I had to get this one without any doubts!

Now, about polish itself. I chose this lilac shade although they had a bunch of other ones. Maybe I should’ve bought more, but in that moment I didn’t like any other shade that much! On photos you can see 2 thin layers of polish, as always when I’m doing swatches, and I can say this one works pretty well, even though it’s a cheap brand! Color is great, brush is very good and it drys very nicely! The only thing I didn’t like it’s probably the scent since it’s a intensive one. It reminds me of sweet floral scents and you can still feel it long after the polish has fully dried. I’m not a fan of scented nail polishes, so I really didn’t like it. The rest is working perfectly for me which is why I already used this polish many times in my designs! Hope you will enjoy watching my swatch photos! If you’d like to get yourself one of these babies, make sure to check your local dollar store or simply try ordering it from Amazon or Aliexpress! Thanks for reading and visiting! I’ll see you next time with another fun post!






4 thoughts on “Skull nail polish!

      1. Yes!!! I liked the color, but this bottle is the main reason I bought it! 😀 That’s so fun! I’d like to see more cute packagings like this! 😍


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