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Glitters are girl’s best friends! BPS first impressions and full review + brand new manicure!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I’m so happy today cause I will finally share my first impressions and thoughts about new Born Pretty Store items I recently got! This time we will be talking about totally different products and that makes me so excited because I’m slowly exploring everything that BPS is offering to us! If you haven’t seen my other reviews on this company’s nail art supplies, please check out these links:


Now that you are familiar with my other reviews and BPS items in general, we can jump on today’s topic – GLITTERS! As I’ve already mentioned, this time I got the opportunity to test out something very different from BPS. Until now I’ve used their stamping sets, stamping guide plates, water decals, nail art vinyls, stickers and I absolutely loved all of those! But now, I got the chance to try out some of the most popular glitters, nail art flakies, even mermaid powders! Of course, that’s not everything, I’ve also received a nice pair of rectangle stamping plates with very interesting abstract patterns that I’ve already tried on my nails!

As always, I will list all items down bellow so you can check them out if you want! In case you’re thinking of purchasing any of these, I suggest you to use my personal BPS code ZORW10 in order to receive 10% off on all regular price items! Plus, make sure to watch my UNBOXING VIDEO – CLICK HERE and see how all of these look in real!

1. 1 Pc BORN PRETTY Template Stamping Plate Geometry Rectangle Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BPX-L020
# 38743

2.1 Box BORN PRETTY Laser Nail Sequins Holographic Gold Silver Glitter Paillette Nail Art Flakes
# 39582 (SILVER)

3. 春の歌 12*6cm Rectangle Nail Art Stamp Template Checked Design Image Plate Harunouta L010
# 30341

4. 1 Box BORN PRETTY Hexagon Glitter Paillette 3mm Colorful Sequins Manicure Nail Art Decoration
# 39375

5. 0.2g BORN PRETTY Chameleon Cloud Paillette Nail Flakies Powder Irregular Nail Sequins Flakes
# 39759

6. 0.2g Born Pretty Unicorn Chrome Powder Nail Art Chrome Pigment Mermaid Powder   (ID=39940)

So, without further a due, let’s move onto the actual review!



Stamping plates 


Firstly I’d like to talk about my new stamping plates. Last time I chose more themed like patterns, such as floral ones, summer/beach/mermaids inspired, skulls etc. Therefore, I was thinking to try something more abstract now, something that will be wearable throughout the entire year. These are the plates I liked the most:



The first one we see here is a very pretty, abstract, kind of geometric plate, suitable for so many kinds of different designs! I’m definitely gonna have so much fun creating manicures with this new baby! I’ve already tested it out and I can tell you that this one is working pretty amazing, considering the fact that I’m not using stamping nail polishes! That means that these cute patterns work so well with regular polishes that I’m really impressed! It’s very easy to pick up the design and transfer it onto the nails, which is basically the most important thing to say when we talk about stamping plates.


The other one is also great, but very different. It’s more meant to be used in fall and winter cause of the numerous argyle and scarf/sweater motives. However, I really liked it and I’m sure I will manage to create many nail art designs using these classical patterns. Over all, I could say I’m pretty satisfied with both plates. They are cute, unique and they give you so much options to be creative. If you’re looking to order stamping plates from BPS, I would highly suggest you to choose one of these large, rectangle ones, since they appear to be much more quality than the smaller ones. That’s just something I realized after trying both. Also, I would say that the larger ones have way better and more inspiring patterns.


Glitters & powders 



Now, the stars of this review – GLITTERS AND POWDERS! There are no words to express how much I’m happy to finally try out some of the most popular BPS products! I’ve seen these babies all over the internet and I always thought they won’t work well with regular nail polishes, since most of the nail artists I saw using these were also using gel polishes and UV/LED lamps. But now that I’ve tried them on, I can assure you that they work equally good with standard nail polishes! And I think that’s pretty amazing, having in mind that not all of us are into gels. Therefore, if you’d like to recreate some of those crazy chrome, unicorn, mermaid nail art styles from Instagram but you own only regular nail polishes and top coats, don’t hesitate, order what you like from BPS and you won’t regret it!


Before I say something about products it selves, I would like to make a comment about packaging! It’s absolutely cool and I like how each box comes with a small protection so you don’t have to worry about dropping the powders. I find this very helpful cause now you’re able to storage your glitters where ever you want! Even if they hang upside down!



Mermaid/Unicorn powder



I wasn’t originally going to order this one, but dear Cynthia from BPS decided to send me one box of mermaid/unicorn powder as a gift. Unfortunately, after reading the product description I realized this powder is supposed to be used with gel polishes and cured in UV/LED lamp. Since I don’t have that kind of nail art equipment, I tried this gorgeous mirror powder on my regular nail polish and I sealed it with a quick drying top coat! The results were not as stunning as they would be with gels, obviously, but the product still worked surprisingly good! I tried it on white and orange base, but I’m so anxious to use black and dark blue too! I’m sure it’s going to be stunning as well! And this is how the powder looks like:




Laser Nail Sequins Holographic Silver Glitter Paillette



From the first moment I saw this magical nail art decoration I fell in love with it! It reminded me of smashed CD pieces and I thought it would be so cool to have something like that on my nails! I’m a huge fan of holographic polishes and glitters in general so there was no doubt I will take this baby! Unfortunately, I believe this product is also meant to be used with gel polishes since it’s not so easy to place and stick the pieces onto the nails. However, choosing a smaller chucks I finally managed to create a desirable holo/mirror effect! If you are a fan of shattered glass technique and holos, this is definitely for you!




Hexagon Glitter Paillette



How adorable is this?! Absolutely stunning small hexagon glitters with purple, orange, blue and green reflections! I think this is so pretty and unique! Again, I have to say I would rather use them on black or any other kind of darker base color, but they work equally well on lighter ones, it really depends on your personal preferences. What I also liked about this glitter is the fact that it’s very easy to pick up hexagons and place them onto the nails. They stick so well and last very long! Great choice if you ask me!



Chameleon Cloud Paillette Nail Flakies



Chameleon flakies are so far my favorite from all of these! They work so well with regular nail polishes and just like the unicorn/mermaid powder, this one also comes with a small eye shadow brush for easier applying.


I’ve seen these flakies everywhere and I surely liked them, but not as much as I liked them in real, on my actual nails!!! The way they change colors from red, orange, yellow, all way to green is absolutely stunning! I tried them both on black and white base and as you already can guess I liked them better over the black polish.


These flakies are incredibly easy to work with, which surprised me! We all know how powders and glitters fly everywhere once we open the boxes, but not this one! As a matter a fact it seemed to me like there is a small hidden magnet inside the brush that picks up every single piece of glitter without even touching it! I was also amazed how easily they are transferring on my nails cause I literally didn’t have to apply a top coat over the base color in order to make glitters stick! By far this is definitely my favorite BPS product and I highly suggest you to get yourself a few boxes of these babies!

This concludes my review on BPS geometric abstract stamping plates and glitters! I really hope that you liked all of these items as much as I did! Feels like this is the best review on my blog so far and that’s why I can’t help but show you how these babies look on my nails!

I came up with this quick nail art design to show you chameleon flakies on black base, unicorn and mermaid powder on white and orange and also a two different patterns from my two different stamping plates! Next time I’ll definitely include hexagon and holo CD glitters, but until then enjoy my new stunning manicure!






Before you leave, don’t forget to check out the links I left for you and please make sure to use my code ZORW10 anytime you’re purchasing something cute from BPS! If you don’t wanna miss any of my future posts, follow this blog, my Instagram and also subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thanks for visiting!





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