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Little mermaid!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I believe that none of us can imagine summer without beach motives, sand, ocean, sun, ice creams and of course – mermaids! These mythological creatures have definitely conquered internet audience which is why numerous cosmetic companies decided to introduce to us different makeup collections inspired by them. That’s how we got mermaid lipsticks, highlighters, blushes and if we speak specifically about nail art world, interesting powders and polishes that give your nails that glossy, shiny, seashell effect! I have to admit that I’m personally amazed with everything that has anything to do with mermaids or glittery, holo effects, therefore it wasn’t that hard for me to create today’s manicure. This design was also part of clairestelle8august nail art challenge that’s currently organized on Instagram and Claire herself decided to repost it on her nail art challenge Instagram page! I was so happy to see my manicure promoted on her page, especially since this is the first time! I really hope I’ll get more of this kind promotions in the future! Meanwhile, let’s take a look at this gorgeous summery design!

My mermaid manicure featured on clarestelle8 nail art challenge Instagram page


As you can see, for this manicure I combined two nail art techniques – free hand nail art and stamping! Therefore, if you wanna recreate this one, you’ll need a mermaid stamping plate by Born Pretty Store, a stamper and a thin nail art brush.

Start by applying sky blue nail polish over base coat on all of your nails, except for the ring finger, in order to achieve that ocean look. Use white nail polish for your ring fingers as a base for mermaid’s face. Now take your stamper and apply a small amount of gold metallic nail polish on it and slowly dab onto your blue painted nails. This technique will help you achieve that beautiful marble effect. Be careful and make sure that you’re not covering entire nails with gold. Once that your nails have dried, take a thin nail art brush and dip it into the red or coral nail polish (preferably coral). Slowly draw one or two (depending on how long are your nails) sea stars on each tip of your nails. Add few small white dots to your stars just to give them a little bit of dimension and make them look more realistic. Apply fast drying top coat and move on the ring finger! As I’ve already mention, on this finger we are going to be stamping mermaid’s face. Take your BPS mermaid stamping plate and pick up the pattern with a clear jelly stamper. Before you transfer the design onto the nail, use nail art brush to pop in some coral nail polish on the star in mermaid’s hair. This technique is called “reverse stamping”. Don’t wait too long, quickly stamp your finger and let it dry few minutes to avoid smudging. Finish you design by applying fast drying top coat as you did with the rest of your nails! Easy as that! This is the final result:


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