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Easy Winter Manicure – Snowflakes!

Hello everyone everyone and welcome back to my blog!

After a long time I’ve finally decided to participate in this month’s nail art challenge organized by @clairestelle8 on Instagram! Therefore, by the end of the year you will get to see a bunch of new, holiday and winter inspired nail art designs on my blog & Instagram! We will start this challenge by posting one of the easiest manicures – snowflake nail art! 


I created this design by using one of the last year’s holiday plates by Born Pretty Store. I believe it’s still available on their website, so I’ll post link down below.

As my base color I chose my favorite shade from Born Pretty Store’s new peel off nail polish collection, called Epic Woman (if you’re interested in seeing swatches, please click HERE). In order to make my base more festive, I applied chunky glitters, also from BPS, in the shade Violent Wind. Then I simply stamped my snowflake pattern and applied a generous amount of fast drying, glossy top coat! Easy as that!


Order here:


Hope that you liked this mani! Make sure to follow my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel for more interesting and fun, easy nail art designs and reviews! I’ll be back very soon with another post! Thanks for reading!




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