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GEL MANICURE AT HOME? Testing out: Gel Nail Polish ESSENTIALS by Born Pretty Store!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

In today’s post I’m gonna be testing out the gel nail polish kit I recently received from my partners from Born Pretty Store! Also, this post isn’t going to be a classic product review, but rather a “starter pack” for all beginners out there, especially those who would like to learn how to do their own gel manicures AT HOME! If you are one of them, welcome! In this post you’ll learn the essentials of gel manicure!


First thing you’ll need in order to do gel manicures is of course UV or LED gel lamp. If you are planning to do your own nails at home, then you don’t have to spend much money on finding the perfect lamp. A simple LED small lamp will do the trick. These are sold absolutely everywhere, including Born Pretty Store, so maybe you should explore their website and see what they offer!

Next step is finding the right gel base, color and top coat, suitable for home use. On the Internet you can find a ton of different brands and types of gels, but what you are really looking for is affordable, easy for use and quick drying formula. Born Pretty Store offers exactly that kind of polishes! They come in regular nail polish bottles with wide brushes, that allow you to paint your nails fast and easy! Beside that, while using these gel polishes you don’t have to worry about unpleasant smell and unwanted mess, because they work as any other nail polish. You also won’t be needing any kind of nail art tools, which makes doing gel manicure at home much easier!


Here I have 2 bottles of gels. One is a beautiful brown, kind of nude coffee shade called Ristretto, whist the other is the glossy top coat. The fact that you don’t actually need to use the gel base for your nails, since the regular one works equally good, makes this gel routine even easier. A side from saving you time, using regular base coat will also help you remove gel color coat safely. At the same time, base will provide a necessary protection layer between nail bed and gel color, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your nails. 

Before applying gel color coat, make sure to prepare your nails. Once again, if you are using Born Pretty Store products you don’t have to do all the extra prep steps that manicurist usually does in the salon. All you have to do is buff your nails to get rid of the oils, push the cuticles and file your nails. When you are satisfied with the result, start applying gel. Make sure to apply thin layer and immediately dry under the lamp. Since I’m using a 9W lamp made for personal usage, I dry my nails for around 3 minutes, just to make sure they are fully cured. The gel coat from Born Pretty Store leaves a sticky layer after curing, so you will have to get rid of it using alcohol. After that apply another coat and repeat the curing process. Next you wanna do in order to make your manicure last longer is of course applying glossy top coat. The top coat I’m reviewing today is no wipe top coat that drys within 1 minute! That means that after 60 seconds your nails are completely cured and this is the final result:


To finish off your manicure, make sure to hydrate your cuticles. My partners from Born Pretty Store were kind enough to add cuticle oil in this gel nail polish kit. Their new nurturing oil comes in a pencil shape, which is very handy and great for everyday usage. They offer different fruity scents. Mine is peachy and I’m obsessed with it!




The last but not least step is removing gel nail polish. This might sound scary knowing the salon process, but I assure you it’s actually very easy and fast if you have the right tools. As I have already mentioned, Born Pretty Store gels have a very light formula, great both for applying and removing. Having that in mind, we can guarantee quick and easy removal. After soaking your nails in nail polish remover or acetone for around 5-10 minutes (you might wanna consider getting silicone nail caps for this step, check HERE) gel coat will crack, which will allow you to safely remove the color coat. But, it’s most likely that you won’t be able to remove the entire layer. There will surely be some gel residues that won’t come off that easy. Now, this is the moment when you wanna use Born Pretty Store’s gel nail polish remove tool! I highly recommend this tool since it helps getting rid of gel residues in just few seconds! Beside that, it’s super cute and high quality product!


This small triangle on the top works as an instant gel scraper! Just make sure to go lightly because you don’t want to damage your nail bed! Once you safely remove the entire color coat from your nails, buff them and apply nurturing oils again to help your nails recover. 

And that’s how you do your gel nails at home! 🙂

I’d like to thank Born Pretty Store for sending me this kit and giving me idea to create this blog post! I’m sure that many girls want to learn gel technique, but that’s often very complicated process that requires professional skills and expensive tools. That’s why Born Pretty Store offers easier option! Affordable, great products, light gel formulas for fast and easy application! Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing these items you might wanna check the following links: 


Also, all other products that I have mentioned in this post, such as UV/LED lamp or silicone nail caps, can be found on Born Pretty Store’s website! 

I really hope you liked my tutorial! If so, please let me know down in comments! Make sure to follow my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel for more interesting and fun, easy nail art designs and reviews! I’ll be back very soon with another post! Thanks for reading!




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