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Born Pretty Store UNBOXING!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

In today’s post I’ll be showing you some new goodies I got from my dear friends from Born Pretty Store including gels and a brand new Nicole Diary stamping plate! As always, get ready to see my swatches and manicures that will hopefully help you decide what you should purchase next! 🙂

Gel nail polishes

I’d like to start this review by showing you 3 beautiful gel nail polishes! Each one of these is very pretty, elegant and feminine, which is why I believe most of you will like them!

First one that I’ll present you is a beautiful pastel lilac color called Purple fantasy! Its formula is really amazing and great for everyone who is beginner in nail art or gel technique! I find this collection very attractive, with tons of different shades. Application is absolutely smooth and easy, just as if you were applying regular nail polish! In order to cure these gels you can use LED nail lamps and your manicure will be done is minutes! Two coats are enough if you want to achieve full opacity of Purple fantasy! 🙂 Enjoy swatches!



Order here:

📢 Use code ZORW10 for 10% off on @bornprettyofficial 📢


Next shade makes part of Born Pretty Store’s Jelly semi-transparent nude gel nail polishes and it’s called Strawberry Mousse! I think these shades are great for any kind of nude, subtle, elegant manicures and french manicures. I used it as a perfect light pink base for my french manicure and this is the final result:


Order here:

📢 Use code ZORW10 for 10% off on @bornprettyofficial 📢


Last gel nail polish I have to show you is a beautiful dark plum shade with a small shimmer to it! It’s called Flower Soul in Cold and unfortunately my camera couldn’t capture its true beauty! However, I do have to point out that this formula is a little bit sheer, which is why you might need to apply 3 coats.


Order here:

📢 Use code ZORW10 for 10% off on @bornprettyofficial 📢


Nicole Diary Stamping Plate



Order here:

📢 Use code ZORW10 for 10% off on @bornprettyofficial 📢

This is actually the first time I’m testing Nicole Diary’s stamping plates on my blog and I’m really surprised by its quality! First of all, I really love that these plates are huge! They basically look like two standard Born Pretty Store plates in one! Second, they are very well organized and I really loved the themes! Also, I had no troubles whatsoever while transferring patterns onto my jelly stamper, which is the most important thing. I tried using both regular and stamping nail polishes and they worked equally good! I’m really pleasantly surprised and I definitely recommend these plates! 🙂 Here is a damask design i came up with:



I really hope you liked my manicures! If so, please let me know down in comments! Make sure to follow my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel for more interesting and fun, easy nail art designs and reviews! I’ll be back very soon with another post! Thanks for reading!




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